What’s SUP? ……  Stand Up Paddle Boarding, that’s what!


Paddle Boarding HB no longer provide general lessons as previously offered.  We now offer private sessions and honour existing vouchers. To book a session or use your voucher, please email info@pbhb.co.nz or text: 0211017969.


COSTS: $70.00 one person / $120.00 two people / $150.00 three people / $180 four people / $225 five people / $270 six people

BEGINNER SESSION (1 hour & 10 mins)

New to SUP? Relax, we’re qualified instructors who have introduced countless people to the sport – on your first day, you may not even get wet, unless you want to! We’ll start you off with the right equipment for your size, making your introduction to SUP as easy as possible. We’ll teach you the basics on land first, including safety aspects, basic techniques and some tricks which will have you standing in no time. Most of all, we want you to have fun so we’ll go as fast (or slow) as you’re comfortable with.

IMPROVER SESSION (1 hour & 10 mins)

So you’ve already discovered the delights of SUP, but want to improve your technique, hone your skills or generally master the art of Paddle Boarding? We can help you fine-tune your paddling technique, teach you various bracing and turning skills and help you extend your knowledge on safety and environmental aspects of SUP.

Note: both beginner and improver sessions are normally combined, with experienced SUP instructors attending to participants needs dependent on the individuals experience.